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Learning Odu Ifa

Started by Omowale, Nov 08, 2022, 09:40 PM

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This thread we can share resources and discuss the various processes of learning Odu Ifa. I am aware there are variations according to one's Ilé. If you have already gone through this process or are currently going through it, we would love to hear your insight.

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Here is a video of Baba Dada Adedayo Ayeni explaining the process he was taught for studying Odu Ifa. He also answers questions about the differences of curriculum throughout Yorubaland. As well as his his insight on the "priests" who are deceitful.

His curriculum is pretty much the same with what my Godmother @Iyanifa_Ifafunke_agbeke laid out for me. So I was not surprised.

Here is the video to jumpstart this thread:

~Manifest destiny from within~